Top 6 Copywriting Formulas

Many beginners ( even advanced) copywriters use “formulas” that help them outline their copy better.

The idea of these formulas is not to just use them directly, rather use them to create an outline of how you want to write your copy. How do you want to make the reader go through a “slippery slope”.

1. FAB Formula

F.A.B. stands for Feature, Advantage, and Benefit. This is probably the most basic formula copywriters use.

Feature: What does this product do? In simplest form.

Advantage: How does it help the reader? Saves time? Helps make more money? Adds/removes an emotion?

Benefit: What’s the ultimate thing they get?

2. BAB Formula

BAB Formula is used for storytelling, It’s used to target audience who are going through some kind of painful situation and how they can get rid of it.

Before: How does the person feel now?

After: How Do they feel after the problem/pain has been solved? What can they do now they couldn’t do before?

Bridge: What fixed the problem? ( Your Product Obviously )

3. Four P’s Formula

The 4 Ps formula is used when you need to convince someone about your big claim by using evidence, this evidence could be verified documents, and testimonials. You need to prove your claim using NUMBERS to show the results.

Picture: Let the audience imagine what would their life look like if they could do XYZ, and create some sort of desire in their mind.

Promise: Promise them how you and your product is going to deliver these desires to make them a reality.

Prove: Show evidence to the audience to provide their claim. Use testimonials, screenshots, verified docs, and endorsements.

Push: Convince them to take action. You can use guarantees and scarcity to force them to take action.

4. Four U’s Formula

Four U’s formula is used typically to push out a product using FOMO ( Fear of missing out) and is very very specific. You will see this kind of formula used in the Crypto space, the Health industry, and… Ponzi schemes.

Usefulness: How is this useful to the reader? Don’t beat around the bush.

Urgent: Create a sense of urgency that if they don’t take action, they are going to miss out.

Unique: How is this product unique from everything that’s out there?

Ultra Specific: You need VERY unique reasoning, don’t tell them this is USEFUL for 10 different things. BE Specific. No vagueness.

5. Four C’s Formula

4 C’s formula should be on every copy. This is a good formula for people who are just starting copywriting.

Clear: Your copy should be very straight to the point.

Concise: Don’t write 10 paragraphs, use as few words as needed.

Compelling: You need to spark some interest and make sure you keep that going throughout the copy.

Credible: Why are you credible?

6. AIDA Formula

AIDA formula is very useful for email marketing but can be used for pretty much everything else as well.

Attention: Get the reader’s attention with a big claim.

Interest: Show how interesting this topic, and subject is.

Desire: Make them desire to learn more about this topic or product

Action: Tell them to take action.

AIDA Copywriting

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