Guide To Becoming Expert B2B SaaS Copywriter

A B2B SaaS Copywriter helps software companies write copy to convince other businesses to purchase their subscriptions. The reason this is different from the usual “Business To Customer”, is because you cannot use “tricks” to make them impulsively buy the product.

How To Become A B2B SaaS Copywriter
How To Become A B2B SaaS Copywriter

In this guide, we will learn what it means to be B2B copywriter for SaaS companies & what you can do to help them.

What is a B2B SaaS Copywriter?

A Business To Business copywriter focuses on getting other businesses and entities to do business with the company that they are writing for. SaaS stands for “Software as Service”, and this are software where businesses pay a monthly “rent” or “premium” to use it. For example, Spotify, Dropbox, Hubspot, and Sales Force are all SaaS companies. The only difference is that companies like Spotify are B2C, meaning, they focus on getting normal average people to join their subscription, while companies like HubSpot or SalesForce are “B2B SaaS”, meaning their primary customer base is other businesses.

Why B2B SaaS Copywriting is different?

B2B SaaS copywriting is different because you cannot use all the flashy “copywriting tricks” on other businesses, who are also in the business of selling to other consumers or businesses. Instead, you have to use “Nurturing” and “Evidence” based tactics to convert them.

Know The Basics Of Copywriting

Before you can become a B2B SaaS copywriter, you must know the foundation of copywriting, which is the same for any kind of copy work that you do.

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Key Elements Of B2B SaaS Copywriting

As a b2b saas copywriter, you should focus on 4 key elements when writing your copy.

  1. Bottom Line Benefits
  2. No Impulsive Call To Action
  3. Nurture Mindset
  4. Evidence-based marketing

Bottom Line Benefits

In B2B SaaS, whenever you write a copy, you should not try play with more ideas that are needed on your copy. That means, that you should focus on key 2-3 “benefits” of purchasing the Sofware. How the product can help them either save time, make more money, make HR less of a hassle, or make getting paid less of a hassle.

There has to be a key benefit and that benefit has to be scaleable. If this benefit is only for a few employees then that is not a wide enough benefit. The benefits must affect the entire company as a whole.

For Example: If a software company makes hiring easier. This would have the benefits on saving time for HR, If HR can do better work, they can hire the right talent, and with the Right Talent, productivity goes up and directly affects the bottom line. ( Revenue)

No Impulsive Call To Action

As a copywriter, we have been trained to ask for a sale at the end of every copy that we write, while this is very effective and i encourage it, when you are doing b2b copywriting, you should understand that your audience is more marketing savvy and you must use “logic” and “evidence” based marketing to attract them.

What does all of this really mean? This means that: No “Buy Now” or ” Time is running out” scarcity tactics. Instead, try using these call to actions: “Request A Quote”, ” Learn More” “Setup A Meeting” , ” Join Our Saturday Webinar”. These are much less intrusive and will convert better.

Nurture Mindset

Most of your b2b copywriting will focus on nurturing your leads or getting visitors to opt-into a “nurture funnel”, This means that you are trying to inform them about the product, the industry, the benefits and everything around it.

This is going to show them that your software company is not just focused on selling, you also educate and are a leader in the industry. Businesses buy from companies that educate them.

Evidence-Based Marketing

Evedince-based marketing means that all your claims must be supported by either other customers’ journey with your company or with numbers that they can relate to.

Focus on writing copy where you present a case study of your existing clients and how using your software has impacted their business. It also helps to show testimonials from companies similar to your prospects because it will demonstrate that the product will work for their company as well.

Becoming a SaaS copywriter means that you will be working with software companies that make a big impact on the economy and jobs that it has the potential to create. B2B SaaS copywriters always need to be up to date with the latest industry innovations so that they can use that on their copy.

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