Will Ai Replace Copywriters?

There is a lot of panic right now among copywriters that their jobs might be at risk because of the invention of tools like ChatGPT from OpenAi. In this article, we will discuss what you can expect moving forward when everyone has access to these tools.

Short answer is, “No”, Ai will not replace copywriters but that doesn’t mean you should ignore the entire “Ai Movement”, you should aim to use it to become a better copywriter. In this article, we will focus on what you can do to make sure you don’t get replaced by people who use Ai as their assistant to become a successful copywriter.

Creativity & Context

When “CANVA” – Photo editing tool came out, everyone was panicking how graphic designer were going out of business since people didn’t have to use tools like photoshop, but look at the industry right now. Just having a tool that assists you doesn’t mean the out put is going to be creative. For it to be creative, there has to be a human element that understand it’s audience and emotions.

The Ai tools will not have the context that you are writing the copy in. The writing might be too generic and may not connect to people in their emotional level.

Tools like ChatGPT spit out output based on the information it has been fed and when there is not enough information or information is incorrect, which is possible since it’s getting it’s information by scrapping the web, it could output something that doesn’t make sense at all or worse yet doesn’t speak to the audience that you are writing for. However, you can use these tool to draft an idea or to improve your ideas.

Use Ai As Personal Assistant

As copywriters, sometimes we cannot write well because of writer’s block or we need an idea to spark our creative thinking. That’s where AI comes in place. Ai Tools can help you spark that idea or a missing link that will help you generate that next best thing.

Learn to use Ai as your personal assistant to help you create outlines for promotions or quick mockup guideline before you start your writing, because that’s going to inspire you to add your own touch points to make it better.

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