Ultimate Guide To Video Sales Letter (VSL)

Imagine this, You are watching a YouTube video and all of a sudden an advertisement starts paying in the middle that you cannot skip, This ad is about something you searched earlier that day about back pain, and next thing you know, you are buying a back-pain ebook at 3 am. What you just watched is called Video Sales Letter or VSL.

As a copywriter, you will have to do video script copywriting. In this guide, we will learn what VSLs are and how to effectively create one.

What is Video Sales Letter?
What is Video Sales Letter?

What Is Video Sales Letter?

A video sales letter (VSL) is a type of sales video that is used to promote and sell a product or service. A VSL typically consists of a narrator talking over a series of slides, images, or video footage, and is used to persuade the viewer to purchase the product or service being promoted.

How To Write A Video Sales Letter?

When writing a video sales letter, it is important to keep in mind the following tips:

1. Keep it short and to the point

A video sales letter should be no longer than 2 minutes, and should focus on a single key message.

2. Have A Catchy hook

The hook is the first thing that viewers will see, so make sure it is attention-grabbing and relevant to the video’s content. People need to be stopped at what they are doing and then given hope of a problem or a curious question that will be answered.

3. Use persuasive language

Use language that will convince viewers to take action, such as “act now” or ” don’t miss out.” It also helps to let them know that if they skip the video or don’t watch till the end, they are going to miss out on the secret that’s about to be revealed. To make it more persuasive, you can even show results or testimonials of people who have achieved success after using your product.

4. Use Call To Action

Tell viewers what they should do next, such as visiting your website or making a purchase. Don’t make them guess, tell them what they need to do? Do they need to click the red button under the video? Do they need to call a phone number? It also helps if you freeze the Call To Action frame at end for about 20 seconds instead of the video ending to black screen.

5. Add Visuals

In addition to the video itself, include other visuals such as images or infographics to further engage viewers. This will keep users engaged.

If you are just talking on the video, you should add some “B-Roll” videos, which are videos that add to what you are saying on the video. This is going to keep them watching. Music and effects also help add excitement. If the video starts to get boring then people will stop watching the video, so, don’t let it get boring.

How Long Should A Video Sales Letter Be?

A video sales letter should be as long as it needs to be to convince the viewer to take the desired action. In general, however, a video sales letter should be no longer than 10 minutes.

If you are selling something high ticket, like $1K+ & Entire sale is happening on the VSL then it makes sense to make the video longer but if it’s a teaser or a part of a sales page then keep it simple and to the point, then tell them to go thru the sales page to see all the results others have been getting if that’s the case. If using for lead generation, then the VSL should be VERY VERY short under 5 minutes. If using for Ad on YouTube, make it under 10 minutes at MAX.

Video Sales Letter Examples

Here are some Video Sales Letter Examples:

Video Sales Letter Example (VSL) Selling Course
Video Sales Letter Example (VSL) Selling Amazon Course
Video Sales Letter Example (VSL) Selling SaaS
Video Sales Letter Example (VSL) Selling Work From Home

Video Sales Letter Script Template

Video Sales letters all have a similar concept:

Hook: They all include a hook to grab people’s attention by asking them a crazy question or a really big claim.

Ask To Watch Till End: You must ask your viewers to stay with you till the end or they are going to miss out. ( Fear of Missing Out )

Show Results: Demo the Product and Results ( Evidence )

Call To Action: Tell them to click a button, set up an appointment or buy something, on top of this, make sure to add a scarcity factor to tell them that this is a LIMITED Time deal.

What Is Video Sales Funnel?

A video sales letter funnel is a system used to increase the conversion rate of a video sales letter by optimizing each step of the funnel.

Pretty much the first video convinces people to either buy something of a very small amount ( $10-$99) ( Sometimes, Free Opt-in, to generate leads) then takes them to something called “OTO” or One Time Offer, Upsell page where they are sold a higher end product, since the person has already spent few bucks, they are more comfortable to buy, if they do not buy, they are taken to something called “Down Sell” with a discount or payment plans or product with lesser features at lower price to try to get them to buy.

After that, there could be more OTOs, then they are put into Email or SMS automation to sell high end consultations.

Here is an example of a Video Sales Letter Funnel:

What is Video Sales Funnel?
What is Video Sales Funnel?

Videos are getting more popular every day and it’s much easier to convince someone to buy if you can put a face to it. Sales pages are still effective but Video Sales Letters work even better.

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