Rule Of One: The Magical Copywriting Sauce

What Is the Rule Of One?

A rule of one is a guideline that suggests that there should only be one idea of a given type on a page. The idea is that having too many ideas can be confusing and overwhelming for users, so limiting them to one can help keep things simple and easy to understand.

Many copywriters go all over the sales page by introducing multiple ideas with multiple things, which only leads to more confusion.

You should focus on one big idea, one customer , one promise & one Call To Action

One Big Idea

If you try to focus on too many ideas at once, you will likely end up confusing your readers. It is important to focus on one big idea or one big takeaway of the entire ad.

That one big idea could be the ultimate benefit of the product. For example, maybe you are selling a weight loss product and the big idea is that people will be able to attract the opposite sex. That might be a big idea that you might be trying to drive home.

One Customer

When you write your copy, Write for a specific type of customer. If you try to write a general copy, you will attract no one because it’s not specific to a kind of customer.

Your copy should describe the pain points of a specific customer. For example, in our previous example of weight loss, We might be targeting readers who are lonely because they do not have a partner and they have been rejected due to their weight loss. So you must write specifically for them.

That’s why, it is important to write for a specific type of customer. This allows you to tailor your message to their needs and desires, and to better understand what motivates them. It also allows you to create a more personal connection with your reader, which can make your copy more persuasive.

One Promise

After the reader has read your sales page or listened to your VSL. What should be one benefit that they will walk away with after buying your product? You could promise them that they will find a partner within 90 days of using your product if we were to use the earlier example.

The point is, that your product is going to have many benefits and you can mention them but you should focus on ONE Big ultimate promise.

One Call To Action

Your advertisement should have ONE GOAL. The goal could be to get people to click on a button, and have them call a phone, but make sure that the ULTIMATE GOAL is JUST ONE.

The benefit of having one call to action is that it makes it easy for visitors to know what to do next. By having a clear and concise call to action, you can increase conversion rates and encourage visitors to take the next step in your sales funnel.

You can have multiple buttons asking people to take action but all of those buttons should lead to one link.

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