Copywriting Vs Content Writer: 8 Key Difference

Many new writers are confused with what is the main difference between copywriting and content writing. Mostly, it’s the same but there is a KEY difference between the two.

Copywriting vs Content Writing

Copywriting is done to persuade someone to take an action, usually to get them to purchase something. While, Content writing is for education, entertainment, and brand awareness.

Copywriting vs Content Writing
Copywriting vs Content Writing

Think of it this way:

Let’s say you want to get people to share an article. If that article is all about pushing readers to buy something, it’s not going to get shared. No one wants to share that with their friends, but if you create an article that educates people, that article is more likely to get shared. This increases brand awareness and gets people introduced to your company/brand as an authority, which in turn could lead to people purchasing from you if done correctly.

What Does A Copywriter Do?

A copywriter has only one goal: persuade people to take action. That action is usually to get people to buy something. This could be to get people to open the email, click on a link, or even get people to pick up their phone and call.

Examples of Copywriting:

  • Sales Letter
  • Promotional Email
  • Video Sales Letter
  • Ad
  • Editorial
  • Press Release
  • Print Ads
  • Headlines

What Does Content Writer Do?

A content writer writes content for the purpose of educating, and entertaining & many times for the purpose of Search Engine Optimization.

You will probably excel as a content writer if you have an in dept knowledge about a certain topic. This will allow you to simplify complex topics and write them to make people understand.

Examples of Content Writing:

  • Educational blog post
  • Tutorials
  • How To Guides

Copy vs Content: Which One Is More Important?

Both copywriters and content writers are part of the same coin. They are equally as important to drive more sales.

A content writer helps build a brand and brings in an audience in a non-pushy way to educate or inform them. Content writers can help you build your authority as an industry leader and the copywriter finishes the last mile, by persuading them to make the purchase.

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