Ultimate Guide To B2B Copywriting

B2B Copywriting

What is B2B Copywriting?

B2B (Business To Business) copywriting is a type of writing that is focused on creating marketing materials for businesses to use when marketing to other businesses. This can include creating ad copy, email marketing content, website content, and more.

The reason B2B Copywriting is more profitable for copywriters is that B2B Companies sell higher-end products, which means you can charge more money for writing copy for them.

Comparison Between B2B To B2C

How To Become A B2B Copywriter?

To become a good B2B Copywriter, you must be able to research and get the message across about complex products in a simple manner.

Top 2 Skills required to become B2B Copywriter:


The biggest factor about writing a B2B Copy is that you have to research the business and its product really well. That’s the case with any business but it’s usually very easy to write a “B2C Copy” because you can understand the demographics by a simple look at the product.

The research comes in form of reading manuals of sometimes complex manuals, to understand the features of the product and be able to convey that into easy-to-understand wording.

No Tricks

With B2C or DTC ( Business to Consumer / Direct To Consumer ) products, you can pull some tricks into making people opt-in or buy. For example, Adding a fake urgency timer might make a consumer purchase, but you cannot do that with most B2B products.

Imagine seeing MRIs from Philips for sale and the discount ends at midnight. That would not look good on the company.

What you can do is take the buyer through an awareness process, nurture them, use outbound or inbound marketing to understand their needs, and show how your product solves that issue.

Examples Of B2B Copywriting

As a B2B Copywriter, it helps to be technical, so that you can write better. Here are some examples of B2B Copywriting.

  • White papers & Case Studies
  • Ghost Writing
  • Press releases (PR)
  • E-books
  • Speech
  • Sales brochures and sell sheets
  • Cold Calling Scripts
  • Blog Articles
  • Newsletters
  • Inforgraphics

B2B Copywriting Example # Website Example

b2b copywriting Example

This is a home page of CRM called Hubspot, it’s target is other businesses who use it grow their business.

B2 Copywriting Example # Medical Equipment

B2B Copywriting, Medical Equipments

This is the web page for Philips MRI. More than often, ( Most of the time ), other businesses, AKA, Hospitals, and Clinics are buying this equipment, so the copywriter has to be sound professional while having Call To Actions, that are not too pushy.

How Much Does B2B Copywriter Make?

The lowest salary for a B2B Copywriter in United States is $37,195 per year, while the highest salary is $91,542 per year.

Being a B2B Copywriter means that you are very professional and understand the limits of marketing tricks that you can use to lure your clients, but on the bright side, B2B Copyywriters make the most money.

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